Lisa Lapauw, stylist

Name: Lisa Lapauw
Year of Birth: 1984
Nationality: Belgian
Based in: Belgium
Website: www.lisalapauw.com

I admire young and fresh designers and get influenced by people who search the boundaries of fashion, people who succeed in putting down a new or certain aspiring look in their stylised wardrobe. I get inspired by people who dress up by the way they feel like it without caring about “do’s” and “don’ts” because most of the time a “don’t” might exactly be a “do”.

Three people you would love to work with:
Wes Anderson, Tim Walker, Chloé Sevigny.

Who do you think is one to watch?
Yana Bovenistier. She is one of my favorite models and has an amazing attitude towards life. I believe in her talents and think she has lots of potential.