Dennison Bertram, photographer


Dennison Bertram, photographer
Name: Dennison Bertram
Year of Birth: 1981
Nationality: USA
Based in: Milan, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic
Blog: (too many forgotten blogs to name!)
Representation: Looking

My father is a painter and when I first got into fashion photography it was through the work of Edward Steichen on whom my father keep several books. Developing as a photographer I was influenced by a great deal of artists; from Hemingway for a love of europe and the beauty of women, to Helmut Newton for the bizarre, the directness, and strength of an image. These days with digital I’m really attracted to the work of Mert & Marcus and Camilla Akrans for their talent with color and of course Steven Meisel – (for all the obvious reasons).

Three people you would love to work with:
Mert & Marcus (does that count as two?), Karl Lagerfeld, Natasha Poly

Who do you think is one to watch?
I’m going to go with Atsuko Kudo for his work with Latex. Fashion is always recycling, but latex as a mainstream material is still quite daring. While most fashion these days can only be a rehash of what has been done, the hidden, perhaps darker and erotic side of fashion has a lot of room for exploration.