Nicola Vallotto, photographer

Name: Nicola Vallotto
Year of Birth: 1974 in Venice (the real one in Italy)
Nationality: Italian (but Prime Minister Berlusconi is not speaking in my name)
Based in: Milan
Website: www.vallottonicola.com

All the artist who have tried to catch the present moment, the real life, from Henry Cartier Bresson or Egon Schiele to Ryan McGinley or Richard Kern, Jason Nocito, Chadwick Tyler, without skipping a fine attention to the composition.

Three people you would love to work with:
Nicola Formichetti (stylist, cause his works for Dazed and Confused were a new point of view about the styling work and its relationship with the photographer’s work), Ilse De Boer (model, I fall in love with her when I saw her on the cover of “A Perfect Guide” magazine), Alemka Krupic (make-up artist, she’s the most perfectionist person I have ever known)

Who do you think is one to watch?
Antonio Dario Agrippa (graphic designer)