Sabrina Bangladesh, stylist

Name: Sabrina Bangladesh
Year of Birth: 1987
Nationality: British
Based in: London/New York

My mother, my home(s), Murakami, musicals, Gene Kelly, period costumes, Marc Bolan, Nintendo, my best friend Tuba, Voltaire, Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, my muse Tina Gao, the colour green, the English countryside, Rei Kawabuko, Irving Penn, Audrey Hepburn, disco, Kandinsky, Takeshi’s Castle, Margiela, the late Alexander McQueen, Alaia, Susannah Buxton (costume designer)… there’s a lot more.

Three people you would love to work with:
Testino, Alaia and Mariano Vivanco.

Who do you think is one to watch?
Photographer: Grant Thomas (obviously!) and Jameel Amini
Designer: Sanna Naapuri
Musician: Jose James, La Shark
Illustrators: Charlotte Hoyle, Dee Andrews and Abigail Daker
Filmmaker: Aqeel Ahmed