Joy Fennell, makeup artist

Name: Joy Fennell
Year of Birth: Hmmm…
Nationality: American
Based in: NYC but I’m willing to travel all over the world!
Website: www.joyfennell.com
Blog: www.joyfennell.tumblr.com
Representation: www.kessagency.com

My mother (she’s such a lady, ultra feminine), I love things that are beautiful but have some type of twist that makes it unique, Bill Cunningham (I fell in love with his spirit after seeing his documentary), Films, Color, Nature, Life…I guess I’m inspired by everything. It’s probably easier to say what I’m not inspired by: Cruel, Obnoxious People

Three people you would love to work with:
Now that’s a hard one….I guess I can try and narrow it down to three: Mert and Marcus, Grace Coddington, Naomi Campbell

Who do you think is one to watch?
Everyone that breathes life on a daily basis… Don’t ever count someone out ’cause you’ll never know what they’ll end up doing. But if you want real names, I have to definitely suggest some people that I know personally: Sara White Wilson and Jason Last.