Anya’s too sexy for Milan, New York, and Japan. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Save your bad jokes for Danique. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Eloho on architecture degrees, summers in Switzerland, and music. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Eliza Sys photographed by Stella Berkofsky, styled by Layna Isle Vancauteren

Nancy Schneider, Boris Raitner and Ben Gur photographed by Dudi Hasson, styled by Noa Nozik

Jessica Sikosek photographed by Emman Montalvan, styled by Sue Choi

It’s all about supermodels and K-Pop stars for Hyun Ji. Photographed by Emmie America in NYC

Leoni Hoeller photographed by John Cronin, styled by Piero Ponzoni

Callum Fosberry photographed by Anna Michell, styled by Lou Litchfield

Former pianist Alex talks for hours on Skype with her mother back home in Kharkiv. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Going to Disney still excites Carson. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Miami

Summer and Charlotte photographed by Takanori Okuwaki, styled by Ayano Santanda

Haiti-born Selena wanted to be a supermodel as a kid. Not much has changed. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Miami

Joby Barrett photographed by Jack Johnstone, styled by Vincent Pons

Got a question about dinosaurs? George can help. Photographed by Christopher Owens in North East England

Fredrika seems to like pizza. Photographed by Adrián Catalán in Barcelona

Isis photographed by Sara Lofwander, styled by Rhona Ezuma

Alina and Fikret photographed by Can Dagarslani wearing ADER

Jack once had the best Beyblades in school. Photographed by Bror Ivefeldt in London

Nala owns more cameras than she can count. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Keisuke doesn’t want to go back to retouching hostesses’ photo cards. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Maxwell Runko photographed and styled by Easton Schirra.

Lauren Marshall photographed by Christopher Owens, styled by Harriet Moiser

Emil Andersson photographed by Harling-­Darsell, styled by Bodo Ernle

Island girl Phillipa misses playing in the sand dunes and mangroves of her youth. Photographed by Emmie America in New York City

As a child Ai wanted to grow up to be a merry-go-round. These days she’s on a quest for delicious cheese. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Fashion is firmly in Thaina’s future. Photographed by François Pragnère in Paris

Practice proper Tube etiquette or feel the wrath of Lewis. Photographed by Chantelle Gomez in London

Multilinguist Corentin is adding Italian to his list of languages. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

Mateja’s into winning plush toys from arcades. Photographed by Jason Henley in Sydney

Cyrill could serenade you with “A Boy Named Sue”. Photographed by Daria Svertilova in Kiev

Jobair Jaber photographed by Simon Cauvier-Goupil, styled by Marianne Dubreuil

Muna Mahamed photographed by Wayta Patmo, styled by Anat Dychtwald

Sasha wants to talk to you about books, movies and interesting people. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow.

Like a true Canadian, Robbie just can’t get enough of that ice hockey. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Football brings Kelvin to tears. Photographed by Kareem Ab Visuals in London

Charlotte Macke and Holly Keepfer are Sen Wye, a new British brand dedicated to the luxurious, detailed, and feminine. Photographed by Katy Thomas, styled by Molly Bridger, model Marta @ M&P

Marc Sebastian Faiella photographed by Sophia Kahlenberg, styled by Emma Pulbrook

Manon Deraedt photographed by Kris De Smedt, styled by Kate Aronsson-Brown

Ivan could talk about girls for hours. Photographed by Maiken Staak in Tallinn

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