Kira on spaceshipscientists and soup kitchens. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Designer Kim Shui’s A/W 16 collection worn by Anna Trosko, shot by BriAnne Wills, styled by Haley Loewenthal

Kelin Dillon photographed by Michelle Beatty, makeup by Verity Cumming

Ariel hopes you don’t crowd the surf. Photographed by Magdalena Ławniczak in Paris

Romee photographed by Jeroen W. Mantel, styled by Lisa Anne Stuyfzand

Lera Bubleyko photographed by Max Stuermer, styled by Lorena Maza

Naomi Kaji photographed by Tomila Katsman

Johann is mad for music. Photographed by Richard Kranzin in Berlin

Emily Butch photographed by Anne-Line Nygaard

Oscar Arias photographed by Federico Fernandez, styled by Barbara Arcuschin

Daniel Krone photographed by Thanh Nguyen

Saskia Schrijer photographed by Javier Ruiz, styled by Rocio Alvarez

People think Aniek is 14 years old or even younger. Photographed by Maxime Cardol in Rotterdam

Geraint was the boy in the Dennis the Menace t-shirt crying in Woolworths. Photographed by Pepo Fernandez in London

Lily knows about music and feminism… and movies. Photographed by Keiichiro Nakajima in New York

Kimberly Van Hooft photographed by Raffaele Cerulo, styled by Luca Balzarini & Andrea Volontè

Sylwia Plochocka photographed by Tiffany Nicholson, styled by Jenny Haapala

Anka, Coil, Milk, Johan, Gaika & Marso photographed by Barbi Arcuschin

Javier is interested in reality television. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

You should take Jip seriously! Photographed by Anna-Marie Janssen in Amsterdam

Edwina Preston photographed by Tyler Morris, art direction and production by Rachel Caplan and Rory Heathfield Smith

Experimental Barcelona based designers HUNCH try to strike the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Featuring Jakub Pastor shot by Javier Castán

Arnie, endless summers, and cars: welcome to Emil’s world. Photographed by Maiken Staak in Tallinn

Naomi photographed by Domen / Van De Velde, styled by Flora Miranda

Jayla, Naomi, Etta, and Rihanna. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

Elisabeth Vandenbergh photographed by Neil O’Keeffe, styled by Callum Vincent

Aramish on football and aliens. Photographed by Pepo Fernandez in London

Skydiving and sloths are part of Sedona’s dream day. Photographed by Clara Nebeling in Sydney

Isé has a secret life of plants. Photographed by Maarten De Laet in Brussels

Jana’s got the nicest clothes. Photographed by Keiichiro Nakajima in Paris

Louise and Klaudia photographed by Dominique Libert, styled by Layna Vancauteren

Andrea Crews is on a roll. Indeed, the French brand, which was conceived as an art-and-fashion collective in 2002, has recently staged a string of terrific shows, including for Spring-Summer 2016, photographed here on the young French rapper Issa Smith.

Viola chooses Michael Jackson for ever and ever. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Michael recommends three places in his three hometowns. Photographed by Jacob Skoglund in NYC

Trouble child Emilio is now a family man. Photographed by Joaquín Soler in Buenos Aires

Nathalie Sorrell photographed by Aleksandra Podburtnaja, styled by Claudia Walder

In her Thesis collection, Parsons School of Design student Annie Li takes inspiration from Frances Hodgson Burnett’s seminal children’s book The Secret Garden, with whimsical, exaggerated details and silhouettes intermixing with organic flourishes. Complete with accessories sponsored by LMVH Group, Li’s eccentric, dreamy designs signal the beginning of a very promising career.

Anette sings for the harmonies. Photographed by Maiken Staak in Tallinn

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