Victor Ndigwe and Axel Kwenkeu photographed by Mehdi Sefrioui, styled by Laetitia Plantier, inspired by the sapeurs of Congo

L-R: Hair by Ayoe Nissen, Ellen Romeijn, Cynthia-Christina Cadieux, Mel…

Tina Veshaguri photographed by Chek Wu, styled by Bertille Noiret

Katelyn Parker photographed by Teruo Horikoshi, styled by Hiroki Mukuno

People can’t believe Samuel is Swedish and clever. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Miami

Backstage at the Barcelona A/W 2016/7 shows, photographed by Adrian Catalan. Featuring Clement Chabernaud, Mayka Merino, Nastya Kusakina, Piero Mendez and more

Trustworthy Tyrone wants to hang with Naomi and Nicki. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Kerrigan sees teeth in her future. Photographed by Emmie America in NYC.

Amine and Rozan photographed by Kenny Germé, styled by Edem Doussou

John Meadows photographed by Nick Scaife, styling by Alicia Ellis

This independent girl was surprised by JD Salinger. Photographed in Chicago by Jingyu Lin

A pizza tour of Italy may be in Chariffe’s future. Photographed by Kareem Ab Visuals in London

Taylor Greene photographed by Lucie Hugary, styled by Omar Thomas

Justin on ice hockey and Dan Bilzerian. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Nana has an ice cream recommendation. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Shamone has a pretty specific set of culinary skills. Photographed by Emmie America in NYC

What do Al Capone and Karlie Kloss have in common? Cole really wants hang out with both of them! Photographed by Jingyu Lin in Chicago

Luna & Olivia Therese photographed by Mariya Pelepanova, styled by Liv Kragh

Filip Wolfe photographed by Roxanne Hartidge, styled by Anthony Pedraza

Rina loves her some t.A.T.u. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Isaac Plowright and Herbie Rhodes photographed by Nocera & Ferri, styled by Emma Pulbrook

There’s this singer named Michael Jackson that Lidija thinks you should hear. Photographed by Adrián Catalán in Barcelona

Ballerina or doctor? Only Yvonne knows which path she’ll take. Photographed by Maxime Cardol in Berlin

Graduating from high school is the best thing Johanna has ever done. Photographed by Keiichiro Nakajima in NYC

Alexandre on CHiPs and Justin Bieber. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

Miranda could talk about underground comics and alternative music for days. Photographed by Adrián Catalán in Barcelona

Nina, Ruben and Yanniek photographed by Emil Pabon, styled by Mariska Groothuis

Kasumi photographed by Masami Naruo, styled by Yuta Kotani

Country girl Alice loves Birkin and baking. Photographed by Keiichiro Nakajima in New York City

Freja wanted to be red-haired and mysterious as a kid. Photographed by Emma Matell in Copenhagen

Holly on Buddha, overthinking, and ancient health practices. Photographed by Maxime Cardol in Berlin

Ludivine on art, acting, and Françoise Hardy. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Pauline and Marine wearing designs by past, present and future graduates of Royal Academy Antwerp’s fashion department, photographed by Alassan Diawara, styled by Layna Isle Vancauteren

Grethe almost became a gangsta rapper. Photographed by Maiken Staak in Tallinn

Doutzen, Beyonce, Ariana and Lois. Photographed by Cédric Jean Pierre Pradel in Amsterdam

Tong doesn’t share secrets. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

She loves people, but Alexandra occasionally needs some quiet time. Photographed by Daria Svertilova in Kiev

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