Iruka’s been a model since elementary school. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Bronte photographed by Paolo Simi, styled by Claudia Frasca

Peyton, Lameka, Hyunji, Karen, MJ and Ali Noel photographed by Emmie America

Phillip photographed by Christian Rinke, styled by Stephane Gabouè

Shelby Furber photographed by Wally Sparks, styled by Romany Williams

Takuya Ebihara photographed by Yuji Watanabe, styled by Shotaro Yamaguchi

Backstage with model Lisa Helene Kramer at London Fashion Week. Photographed by Thomas Oliver Betts

Ilana Kozlov photographed by Aaron Feaver wearing Shaina Mote

Paris admits to being a big Taylor Swift fan. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

It’s always been about fashion for Rebecca. Photographed by Christopher Owens in Glasgow

Miks is a family man. Photographed by Laura Vancane in Riga

Bennet is kinda crazy, but not in a bad way. Photographed by Richard Kranzin in Hamburg

Becoming an Animal Cop may still be in Milou’s future. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Maja’s a real gourmand. Photographed by Adrián Catalán in Barcelona

Natasha never did get to fulfil her childhood dream of becoming Mrs Michael Jackson. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Justyna is all about the Buble songs. Photographed by Chantelle Gomez in Berlin

Chuck knows pathways to higher consciousness. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

Kevad has a strange way of choosing what she reads. Photographed by Maiken Staak in Tallinn

He’s too tall to be a pilot, so Théo is taking another route. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Paris

Merlin is no wizard. Photographed by Christopher Owens in Manchester

Agnes on dinosaurs and rap. Photographed by Fredrik Augustsson in Stockholm

P.T. Anderson’s biggest fan might just be Miriam. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Lana Zhelezova photographed by Tom Marshak, styled by Bat Hen Pur

Silvester knows how to hold ’em. Photographed by Cédric Jean Pierre Pradel

Ellinor Arveryd and Ona Rihu photographed by Lena Modigh, styled by Lisa Sundström

Tomasz doesn’t regret getting an education. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Julia Leineweber photographed by Jesse Laitinen, styled by Maria Barsoum

Emile Woon photographed by Simon Cauvier Goupil, styled by Marianne Dubreuil

This army brat would hang out with Gandhi and Anna Wintour. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Like all good Canadian kids, Brodie wanted to grow up to be a hockey player. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

There’s a tap dancer that Jun recommends you check out. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Lucy used to be the smallest, then she became the tallest. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in London

Anastasia wanted to be a singer but soon saw sense! Photographed by Emmie America in NYC

Takeshi is a man of few words. Photographed by Yuji Watanabe in Tokyo

Max Barczak photographed by Dham Srifuengfung, styled by Michael Darlington

Hanne, Kiara, Lara, Marthe, Leanne & Cherelle photographed by Maxime Cardol, styled by Suze Kuit

Art studies helped Shujing follow her dreams. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in London

This former magician has a few tricks up his sleeve. Photographed by Paola Vivas in London

Little Eliott wanted to raise goats and live on top of a tree. Photographed by Daria Svertilova in Paris

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