There’s only one person Fallou wants to hang out with — Tyrese. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

Gabriella on belly dancing, medicine, and Salt N Pepa. Photographed by Jenna Putnam in NY.

Natasha Luwedde photographed by Igor Termenón, styled by Emma Hutcheson

Puck Loomans photographed by Ray Lee, styled by Zu SB

Jonathan Woodward photographed by Michelle Tran, styled by Jade Leung

This charming man has the mind of a chef. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

Carson Hiner photographed by Lucie Hugary, styled by Omar Thomas

Natali Eydelman photographed by Dudi Hasson, styled by Noa Nozik

Sam Lammar photographed by Jenna Putnam, styled by May Redding

Donut shaped cats, ice cream shops, socks and sandals, and Sailor Moon: welcome to Fernanda’s world. Photographed by Jason Henley in Sydney

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