Ayşegül could tell you a thing or two about Shakespeare and gender roles. Photographed by Can Sever in Istanbul

Urvashi photographed by Lena Shkoda, styled by Bunny Lampert

As a child Kane thought he was a witch. Photographed by Levon Baird in Sydney

Andrey Smidl photographed by Elisa Carnicer, styled by Gisela Castells

New face Nic’s first ever photo shoot. Photographed by Pat Supsiri

Linn’s all about the good life. Photographed by Clara Nebeling in Germany

Hvala Ilija, one of Austria’s newest and brightest fashion talents, talks about his background and inspirations. Photographed by Stéphane Gaboué in Vienna

Kaleb photographed by Xavier Scott Marshall, styled by Prince Franco

Thais doesn’t miss her old student life. Photographed by Keiichiro Nakajima in NYC

In the future Jeremy sees himself in a rocking chair in a remote place, threatening passersby. Photographed by Pepo Fernandez in London

Janeli believes all animals deserve love and respect. Photographed by Maiken Staak in Tallinn

Hinne photographed by Martijn Mendel, styled by Suuz Bisschops

Mabintou Ceesay and Amie photographed by Karl & Kristof, styled by Selam Ghirmay Fessahaye

Joanna Tatarka photographed by Martyna Galla, style by Michal Koszek

Kristof Pituk photographed by Javier Ruiz, styled by Rocio Alvarez

Erika and Vladislava photographed by Dorian Tutuianu, styled by Veronika Kuznetov

Olesya’s future may involve Irish goats. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Time and silence are important to Michelle. Photographed by Maxime Cardol in Berlin

JD and the greatest love of all. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Paris

Chloe and her twin sister were super hyper. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in NY

Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is pretty dear to Charlie’s heart. Photographed by Maxime Cardol in Berlin

Kevin honestly thinks you should hear Justin Bieber. Photographed by Richard Kranzin in Berlin

Margott loves a certain film composer. Photographed by Jonathan Arundel in London

Julian photographed by Federico Fernandez, styled by Joaquin Diaz

Shawna photographed by Lydia Gorges & Jens Schmidt, styled by Saskia Schmidt

Andrea photographed by Lara Alegre, styled by Christina van Zon

Fraser has plenty to say about Canada’s national sport. Photographed by Irem Harnak in Toronto

Siena Stapleton Brister photographed by Kareem Abdul, styled by Emily Whitmore

Working at Topshop got Ruby into fashion. Photographed by Clara Nebeling in Sydney

Harmony Boucher photographed by Sarah Brimley, styled by Aimee Croysdill

Nathan photographed by Sophia Kahlenberg, styled by Carlos Mangubat

Olena photographed by Federico Sorrentino, styled by MariaGiulia Riva

Ling’s next move is the big screen. Photographed by Keiichiro Nakajima in NYC

Skateboarding, gymnastics… Liam doesn’t talent get in the way of ambition. Photographed by Pepo Fernandez in London

Piano Man brought a tear to Brenda’s eye. Photographed by Jingyu Lin in Chicago

Lemmie, Luka, Gus, Eline, Marie, Louis and Timo photographed by Frédéric Bastin, styled by Ken Crombez

Larissa is a farmer’s daughter. Photographed by Yannick Schuette in Germany

Zygis is a cool dad of the future. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Paris

Sasha Dmitrieva photographed by Gregory Kramer, styled by Nicholas Whitehouse

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