This funny guy wants to be a creative director for a fashion magazine. Photographed by François Pragnère in Paris

Soraya thinks you should watch Broad City. Photographed by Niko Mitrunen in London

Simon on the stock exchange and Bohemian Rhapsody. Photographed by Simon Cauvier Goupil in Montreal

Reek of Putrefaction by Carcass is an album Ia recommends you listen to. Photographed by Michel Widenius in Stockholm

Talia has visited the world’s highest toilet. Photographed by Lauren Engel in Sydney

Isobella photographed by Chiara Predebon, styled by Ilenia Arosio

Poaching the perfect egg and skydiving is all within Victoria’s wheelhouse. Photographed by Emmie America in NYC

Tomek wanted to be king. Photographed by Chantelle Gomez in Berlin

Simon photographed by Christian Rinke, styled by Stephane Gaboue.

Miss Maddie Cook on Gertrude Stein and animatronic animals. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in LA

Kieran has out-of-body experiences. Was this photo shoot one of them? Photographed by Simon Cauvier Goupil in Montreal

Moffy photographed by Hana Knizova, styled by Daniela Kocianova

Philippine photographed by André Skjegstad, styled by Josie Harris

Liberty may be Canadian, but some things still make her angry. Photographed by Lucie Hugary in Miami

Oliver is kiiiinda into basketball. Photographed by Michel Widenius in Stockholm

Lidian photographed by Jan & Jorre, styled by Ken Crombez. Inspired by the art installations of Jung Lee.

Backstage at Martin Grant A/W 2015 with Grace Bol, Xu Liu, Hannare Blaauboer, and more. Photographed by Martin Grant

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