Kyle is a man of many talents. Photographed by Jingyu Lin in Chicago

Lais photographed by Domen / Van De Velde, styled by Jesse Donker

Who is cooler than John Wick? Nisaa wants to know. Photographed by Tiffany Nicholson in NYC.

Training dolphins and riding in Barbie cars: welcome to Madeline’s world. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

You better look up from your phone when Olivia is talking to you. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

Allie talks drag queens and Guy Fieri. Photographed by Paolo Simi in Milan

Tim photographed by Rhys Thorpe, styled by Atip W.

Sang In photographed by James Deacon, makeup by Verity Cumming

This Berliner gets stressed out by tourists. Photographed by Kareem AB Visuals in Berlin

Alexander Newman photographed by Rene Fragoso, styled by Herin Choi

Smita Lasrado photographed by Robbert Jacobs, styled by Jonathan Liang

Cakie commutes from Ohio to California just to model. Photographed by Dawn DiCarlo in Los Angeles

Quentin has lived The Office. Photographed by Liselotte Schuppers in Amsterdam

Sholto thinks he may eventually end up on the other side of the camera. Photographed by Pepo Fernandez in London

Tom chats constantly. Photographed by Levon Baird in London

Viviane doesn’t miss school at all. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

From Vienna to Auckland, let Marie be your travel guide. Photographed by Sarah Gallun in Vienna

Helene photographed by Aysegul Demirhan, styled by Cuneyt Ceylan

Vika photographed by Merav Ben Loulou, with clothing and styling by Niv Keren

Grace photographed by Katriena Emmanuel

Zander has two sisters keeping him in check. Photographed by Pat Supsiri in Sydney

Tyvanni could ride with Nelly forever. Photographed by Anna-Marie Janssen in Amsterdam

Ties, Annabel, Daan, DJ, Emo & Anniek photographed by Marina Murasheva, styled by Noormah Zahir

Turner Barber photographed by Daniel Knott

Haely wants to apologise to her mom. Photographed by Giulia Albertini in Milan

Melanie Engel photographed by Tiffany Nicholson, styled by Nicholas Whitehouse

Bauke photographed by Emil Pabon, styled by Mariska Groothuis

Lina photographed by Yannick Schuette, styled by Caethe Klein

A perfect day for Charlie involves pizza or pasta on the Costa Brava. Photographed by Rachel Rebibo in Paris

Daria suggests you visit the bay in her hometown. Photographed by Sasha Saharnaya in Moscow

Esther Dillner photographed by Lillie Eiger, styled by Alex Kessler

Lion Bagnis photographed by Federico Fernandez, styled by Luli Farrell

Amalie Gassmann photographed by Tiffany Nicholson, styled by Melissa Roca

Carl Hjelm photographed by Emmanuel Sanchez-Monsalve, styled by Isaiah Walls

Caitlin photographed by Sophia Kahlenberg, styled by Lauren Dietze

Sylvan knows a thing or two about technology. Photographed by Liselotte Schuppers in Amsterdam

This Hamburg-er is always ready for adventure. Photographed by Chantelle Gomez in Berlin

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