Giuliana Caramuto @ Oui Management


Name: Giuliana Caramuto
Agency: Oui Management
Hometown: Rosario, Argentina
Nickname: Giuli

What do you like about this job? Many things are exciting since I started; but traveling is definitely something rich and full of adventures; meeting new people; new cultures… I just love it!
Where would you choose to go for a vacation? Ahahah; don’t ask me! I am curious; I want to see Dubai and it’s craziness; on the other hand I heard a lot about small Thai islands and small paradises on earth. Hard choice!
What do you think you will do after modeling? I am thinking of building my own clothing brand; time will run before that. In the meantime I would love to study some acting. It’s important to be able to get over yourself.

the booker says

Giuliana reminds me of Gisele Bundchen when she started, a real beauty with character with a big potential for high fashion.
– Hélène Descars, Oui Management

Photography by Nil Hoppenot
Special thanks to Hélène Descars @ Oui Management Paris.