Guillaume Baboin @ New Madison


Name: Guillaume Baboin
Agency: New Madison (also Why Not Model Management)
Hometown: Paris

Describe yourself in 3 words: Smiley, sociable and chill

What do you think is next for you? It’s hard to say clearly; but I would love to save enough money to be able to take some time off and prepare a great Muay Thai boxing career.

Where would you love to go for a vacation? Thailand. Simply because I went there some times and I will go there other times. People are nice, smiley, and helpful… teaches how life can be simple. You have the sea, the beach, the sun, the good food, wonderful landscapes and the Thai boxing camp!

the booker says

Guillaume is a REALLY fresh guy ! Always motivated. He has thirst for learning! We have great expectations on him! Most of the feedbacks we have on him are that clients like working with him, he is easy going!
– Phonethip, New Madison

Photography by Nil Hoppenot
Special thanks to Phonethip @ New Madison.