Gabrielle Barr @ Viva Paris


Name: Gabrielle Barr
Agency: Viva Model Management, also Viva London
Hometown: Montréal, Canada
Nickname: Gaby

What were you doing before modeling and do you miss it? I’m a microbiologist so I was working in a pharmaceutical laboratory! The fashion industry is SO different from the science world. It’s hard to compare both but I have to say that I don’t really miss it. Fashion is exciting and always changing, it keeps it interesting :)

What do you like about this job? I love meeting people and learning new things every day. I like to enjoy everything I’m experiencing for the first time as a newbie in the industry.

Where do you want to go on vacation? I really want to go to India to experience a new culture or to Australia to learn how to surf :) I tried once in Panama and loved it, so I guess Australia would be a fun destination to learn better!!

Photography by Nil Hoppenot