Hugh Vidler @ Chic Management


Name: Hugh Vidler
Agency: Chic Management
Hometown: Sydney
Nickname: Hughie

What makes you happy? Ideas.

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? An inventor and/or an astronaut.

What’s your worst fear? Mediocrity.

What is a band/movie/artist/cool thing you recommend? A film named ‘Autoluminescent’. It’s about the life of Rowland S. Howard an Australian rock musician, guitarist and songwriter. I’d also recommend checking out his music, he’s a brilliant songwriter.

What do you see yourself doing after your modelling career? I’m planning on being a research scientist. I’m currently studying a B. Science majoring in Nanotechnology but I’m also looking into doing fine art once I’ve finished my Science degree. I’d like to see if there’s some way I could combine them both.

If you could hang out with any three people who would you choose? This question is so hard there’s so many amazing people I’d love to hang out with! But I think it would have to be Richard Feynman, Salvador Dali and Jesus to see if he turns up, if not then Philip Glass is equally amazing in my eyes.

Photography by Mick Bruzzese
Special thanks to Nadine Andrews @ Chic Management.