Ida Nedregaard @ Priscilla’s


Name: Ida Nedregaard
Agency: Priscilla’s Model Management (also with Heartbreak Management, Next)
Hometown: Oslo, Norway

Describe a favorite childhood memory: My best friend and I used to spend a weekend every year alone at her cottage, which is surrounded by beautiful nature and is kind of deserted at that time of year (my dad`s cottage is right down the road though). There we talked about everything that had happened since last time we had seen each other (we live 8h apart by car), watched movies, made homemade pizza and went for walks, etc. without a single care in the world

What’s your worst fear? Dolls, especially with red eyes

What’s a cool thing you recommend? Check out the band ‘Kings of Convenience’

Photography by Mick Bruzzese
Special thanks to Ebonie Ray @ Priscilla’s Model Management.