Ira Chernova @ Request


Name: Ira Chernova
Agency: Request Model Management NY
Hometown: Moscow
Nickname: Don’t have one

Name two songs you know all the lyrics to: Blue Veins – Raconteurs / Hit ‘Em Up – 2Pac. It’s way more than two tho, I learned English through music/movies.

If you could hang out with any three people who would you choose? Can think only of Jack White right now; his personality hypnotizes me.

What were you doing before modelling and do you miss it? I started modelling after being into photography, which still stays as my main thing to do.

As a kid what did you want to be when you grew up? I always imagined myself being a scientist making some important change in history.

What is one thing not many people know about you? I have a degree as an engineer

the booker says

What makes Ira so special is that she’s not only a model she’s also a character a very colorful one at that…Behind all the “tattooed” hardcore exterior there’s a sensitive, creative, soulful woman! She captures and inspires!
– Jhendi Castillo, Request Model Management

Photography by Cate Underwood
Special thanks to Jhendi Castillo @ Request.