Estelle Girard @ Marilyn


Name: Estelle Girard
Agency: Marilyn Agency
Hometown: Paris, France
Nickname: Stella

What do you like about this job? I love this job for quite a few reasons; the main one would be that it makes you able to visit another yourself; but the opportunity to meet so many people with unconventional paths is also something really interesting.

Where would you choose to go for a vacation? I’d definitely love to go to Tokyo, I am curious about the Japanese culture and I love it’s gastronomy. This hectic city must be something to not miss.

What makes you angry these days? The ridiculous power of media and many lies we are supposed to believe.

the booker says

Estelle is an awesome face, very strong. She reminds us of some great icons; Kate Moss, Madonna… She has great proportions and a beautiful body. She’s really a new face to watch.
– Lala Andrianarivony, Marilyn Paris

Photography by Nil Hoppenot
Special thanks to Lala Andrianarivony @ Marilyn.
All images are unretouched.