Clara Raundorf @ Ford Women

Name: Clara Raundorf
Agency: Ford Women, Scoopmodels
Hometown: Copenhagen, Denmark

What makes you happy? For me there are many things that can make me happy. My family and friends make me feel very happy. Them being there for me and trusting in me make me feel happy, lucky and they make me laugh. Moreover physical activities like running, dancing and pilates make me feel good about myself as well. Furthermore traveling, new experiences and gaining knowledge about different cultures/countries make me feel happy too.
What makes you angry? When people are being untrustworthy and fake towards each other. It makes me angry when people are treating other people badly and with no respect. Lies and unacceptable behavior makes me angry too.

Photography by Van Sarki
Model(s) Clara Raundorf @ Ford NY
Special thanks to Autumn Cannella @ Ford Models New York.