Arina, Blue, Tatiana, Jenna, Elyse, & Shujing photographed by Masami Naruo, styled by Kevin Kim

Leoni Hoeller photographed by John Cronin, styled by Piero Ponzoni

Daniel Manwaring photographed by Andre Titcombe, styled by Gabriella Stival

Brutalism fan Hanna has a thing for Bryan Ferry and the Belle Époque. Photographed by Bror Ivefeldt in London

Philosophical farm girl Bruna tells all! Photographed by Matheus Avlis in Sao Paulo.

Tommy Fitzer & Daniel Stowe photographed by Emma Gibney, styled by Chris Benns.

All Felix wants to do is have some fun, and we’ve got a feeling he’s not the only one. Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.

Who knew Ashley suffered from a crippling fear of monkeys? Photographed by Nil Hoppenot in Paris.